[Advaita-l] Guidance of Guru.

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Sri Ram wrote:

"You have said that it is better that a guru is sthothriya than a 
brahmanishta as
there will be difficulties in communication from a brahmanishta.Though in a 
it may appear as correct it may not serve the objective."

It may serve the objective to the extent that it will lead to a proper 
teacher. I can say this from my personal experience. I spent lot of time 
with Krishnamurthy Foundation. When you read Krishnamurthy, you get a 
feeling that he is pointing to a higher truth. But ---and it is a big 
"but"--- even after reading his hundred books or listening to him a thousand 
times, you realize that you have not moved an inch closer to his vision. You 
are still there where you started. Ask anyone who has followed Krishnamurthy 
if he has now attained K's vision, and you will get the same answer. I 
consider his as the classic case of a brahmanishtham but not shrotriyam. He 
had the vision but could not convey him in absence of a method to convey. It 
remained "goonge keree sarkaraa" as Kabir puts it. What K did to convey his 
vision was to re-invent the wheel. He declared that all the traditions are 
false. Truth can only be known through dialogue where a realized person puts 
the words in form of a mirror and tried to develop his dialogue style. 
Unfamiliar with the tradition of vedanta, he did not realize that this 
method was utilized and perfected by vendantins over the centuries.

Moreover I consider K as brahmanishtham due to my personal association, but 
I might be biased. I might simply be zapped by his personality! I have no 
method to know. Ask anyone who has worked in a specialized field what the 
best way is to judge a person's standing in that field. In variably they 
will point to what his peers think about him. In case of K or anyone who is 
not a sampradaayavid, there are no peers. Only bhaktas and adversaries. How 
do you get an objective evaluation? If you go to rishikesh and keep your 
eyes and ears open, within a month you will come to know what are the 
strenghts of a particular swami. If you do not want to spend even that much 
time just visit any of the muraari's shops( barbers- as they are called 
there) in lower swargaashram area ---and ridiculous it may sound --- you get 
a fairly accurate assessment of a swami's standing in his peers. It is an 
invaluable plus when you are groping in the dark and life is short.


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Dear member
You have said that it is better that a guru is sthothriya than a 
brahmanishta as there will be difficulties in communication from a 
brahmanishta.Though ina way it may appear as correct it may not serve the 
objective.It is for the disciple to dwelve at length what the Guru has said 
and find for himself the true meaning of his utterances.For this the 
disciple has to study the scriptures deeply and go on delving on the sayings 
almost all the 24 hrs!When certain sayings of either the scriptures or the 
Guru are not clear the disciple has to meditate on the unclear sayings with 
a craving as to what has been conveyed.If he is sincere in this approach 
definitely he will get at the truth.It may occur immediately or may take 
more time.What I want to emphasise is that there should be absolute faith 
and assiduously look forward to the correct meanings of the sayings.Vedantha 
is a subjective science and every individual can not have the same under 
standing even if it is explained at length like other physical sciences.This 
is my personal experiance also.If you read Thirumanthiram you will find so 
many mystic utterances but  once you dwelve upon it you will get at the real 
meaning as originally meant by Thirumoolar. Pranams,Krishnamoorthy.
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