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On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, K Kathirasan NCS wrote:

> It is a prevalent notion that 'words' are ineffective when it comes
> attaining self-knowledge. However, the opposite is only true. Vedanta is
> shabda pramanam and therefore the 'words' of the shruti alone can deliver a
> seeker from delusion.

Yes! This cannot be stressed enough.  Whereas Purvamimamsa deals with the
karmakanda of the shastras, Vedanta is the Uttaramimamsa.  The subject is
different but the method, textual exegesis, is the same.  The very first
Brahmasutra declares that what is to commence is an enquiry (jignasa) into
the nature of Brahman.  The dhatu jna -- to know does not differentiate
between intellectual knowledge or mystical or any other kind.

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