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Sat Nov 27 00:48:30 CST 2004

Swaatma Bandhu,

               A lot of discussion is going on about 
the qualifications of a Guru, to decide whether he 
is a Shrotriya or Brahmanishta, every one churning out 
a different meaning.  Just think about how any one`s
qualification is decided?  Is it not by the degree
conferred by the univercity? In the sameway, the 
qualification of a Guru also has to be decided by
the parampara headed by his Guru only. That qualification
in the name of Aacharya poorna deeksha will be given
after prologed observation.  That much is enough for 
you to approach him for Brahmavidya.

                Shrotriya means to me as, who hears
and Brahmanishtha means to me as, who keeps it with him.
Brahma means Aham; and Nishtha means keeping for himself.
that means regularly practicing Anushthana.

                The duty of a Guru is not at all to
teach you anything you want, but only handover the 
text what he has heard from his Guru,that`s all.
The Guru should not tell anything of his own, other 
than what he has learnt from his Guru, of course
he may explain about the text to some extent.

                Brahmavidya or Moksha is not a subject
of teaching by others, but it has to be acheived by one`s
own self. A Guru can only guide you with some symbols
and hints for your aceivement. this is all I know.

  Krishnarao Lanka

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