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> So perhaps I should not have so emphatically stated that they cannot.
>  But
> even in the earlier message I said the deciding factor is
> self-awareness.
> A creature which does not have the idea of selfhood even in the
> limited
> conventional sense obviously cannot comprehend the idea of universal
> self.

I did not refer to your old posting to point out that you had changed
your mind. We all change our opinions, and it makes no difference to a
current discussion if you had a different opinion on the matter a few
years ago. 

My point was that you had previously given examples from *scripture* to
show that animals can be self-realized:

1) kAka bhushuNDi in the rAmAyaNa and Yoga VaasishhTha.
2) Gajendra of the BhAgavatam.

And we even have corroboration of a person respected by the tradition:

3) Ramana maharshi has said that animals can be self-realized (I think
this is in the context of the samAdhi of cow Lakshmi in the

If would be a good idea to look at the quotes from the above

> In the message from 2000, I mentioned this subject has been discussed
> in
> the brahmasutras.  I shall try and find that section again and post
> it.



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