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kAmAxI is 62nd name in lalitA sahasranAma, hence you will be able to
find some detailed explanation for this meaning from the commentaries.

Based Sri bhAskararAya's commentary and the the tamil translation I have;

1) kAma is taken as kamaniya. That is She has very attractive eyes.

2) kAma is taken as kAmeshwara and He is dear to Her like Her eyes. Or
She has Him as Her eyes.

3) She fulfills the desires of all. Being the indweller of all and the
witness, She knows the needs/wants of all and fulfills them according
to their puurva karma.

4) kA means sarasvatI and mA means laxmi. She has them as her eyes. In
other words she gives both bhoga and moxa -- or in simpler terms
knowledge and wealth.

5) Since She revived kAma by her glance - as kAmasanjIvini, She is
celebrated as kAmAxi

6) kAnchi is one of the 51 shakti piiTha-s,where the navel part of
ambaa (region of odyana) fell. In that piiTha She granted boon to
brahma giving him the power of creation. Hence, SHE is known as

Other meanings of this name is also possible such as, taking mA as
ability to measure or limit and various meaning for kA etc..

Correction and additional comments are welcome.

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> Friends,
> What is the meaning of the word "kAmAkShi"?
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