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hariH Om !!

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> On Thu, 14 Oct 2004, Srikrishna Ghadiyaram wrote:
> > hariH Om !!
> >
> > In the Devi Mahatmya book that is published by
> > Ramakrishna Matha, the three stutis are not there.
> Was this book published in Bengal?  In the course of
> researching this
> topic, I've noticed many discrepancies between
> printed texts of the
> mahatmya and not all of them can be explained by
> printer errors.
> Apparently there are several seperate recensions of
> the text.

The book which I was referring is "Devi Mahatmyam"
with english translation by Swami Jagadiswarananda. It
is published by Sri ramakrishna Math, Mylapore,

> > Would you please let me know if these are
> available on
> > line.
> >
> Well I have transcribed them to ITRANS format and
> posted them today.
> Sorry I couldn't get it to you in time but remember
> as the
> aparadhakshmapana stotra says, the merciful Mother
> always forgives our
> weaknesses.

I highly appreciate your help to have transcribed and
posted. As I was not well on Prathama day, and got
some urgent problems to attend, I could not start my
recitation. I started on Panchami/Shasthi only. So,
your positng was not delayed.

Incidentally, I noticed that these three rahasya
pathas are available in Sanskrit lipi in the book
Chandi Patha with English translation by Swami
Satyananda Saraswati (C/o Shree Maa). As reading
devanagari is easier than transcribed text. I am using
that for now. 

This book of Swami Satyananda is very peculiar. It
describes the demons as ego, self-conceit etc. So, the
whole translation runs in that way. He also does not
use regularly Mahalakshmi etc. Instead he uses the
Great Goddess of wealth etc. This tends to make teh
translation impersonal, but seems to lose some beauty
of 'personification'. This book also is full of bija
mantras and the paddhati or worship. 

When you have a chance, please take a look at the
translation and comment how it fits with
Bhaskararaya's commentary. Is it infact a close
translation of bhaskararaya ?

Others who are practitionars may comment on the
paddhati also.

What is to be noted is that Swami Satyananda also
follows tradition of Bengal. But, his book has the
rahasya traya and also some other stotras, which are
not available in Swami Jagadananda's book.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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