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Girish Ramadurgam rsgirish at aol.com
Thu Oct 21 06:56:40 CDT 2004


We did digress on my questions on transformation, behaviour and process.

Let me ask a question which is objective -
Say there is a Human Being(HB) who earns a decent living and in fact a 
bit more than he/she needs which goes into his/her savings. They see 
another humanbeing(say beggar) on the pavement who  is dishevelled and 
is hungry.
--> Should HB help him/her and to what extent.

Continuing  the question - The excess instead of savings should it go to 
help the society?

I read in a book about Krishna(might not be the same words), 'Anything 
in excess is luxury and is not good'. Also read in the same book, where 
it mentions 'We should store food which should suffice us for 3 days and 
anything more should be distributed'.

Now I do have savings and i do have food which will last me for 2 weeks. 
Can I ever be a Janani is if live life like this OR should we give up 

------> Q2 ) If no one works then the world comes to a stop. So if I 
quit working and go to help society, would i be selfish? As I would be 
relying on the fact that the rest of the population will work and the 
world goes on....

------> As for not able to understand Animals as we are incompetent to 
gauge their knowledge. By saying this are we putting ourselves on the 
same plane as animals. I would say there are millions in world, whom we 
can comprehend so can we classify them in a different plane?

I am not extremely good at writing, at places I might not be clear.

Best Wishes,

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