[Advaita-l] The Sun is my master

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Tue Feb 1 08:05:04 CST 2005

Dearest Souls,
My master always tells me "the Sun is my master" or "the Sun is the
greatest master". I never understood what he really meant by this till I
read the following Mantra from Rig-veda, which seems to be such an easy
one but enfolded in it is the highest and the greatest clarion call for
"Don't stop! Keep on going! Cover everything (indeed, first of all
yourself too) with Light (all that is covered with darkness right now)!
Only in this way one can be the beloved of God (not just by saying "God,
God, God...")".
The Mantra is:
"O Human! You never see the Sun, the Friend of the Beautiful maiden (i.e.
Usha, the Goddess of Dawn), resting. You would see Him moving eternally
spreading His sheets of Light. Therefore, He is the beloved of our
greatest Friend (God)" (Rig-veda 1-152-4).
Come On, let us stand up and first of all let us be engulfed with the
Light of Divine Unity! Enlighten Yourself!
Your Friend,
Siddhartha Krishna

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