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Wed Feb 2 01:41:58 CST 2005

Hare Krishna

Incidentally, I've been engaged in discussion on the same subject in
advaitin list (patanjala yOga in shankara's advaita vEdAnta).  Sofar what I
gathered from this thread seems to say that patanjala yOga sUtra-s are more
or less in line with shankara pratipAdita siddhAnta.  I'd like to have more
clarity on this subject.

It is clear that shankara in sUtra bhAshya clearly says that both sAnkhya &
yOga are dvaita shAstra & the same have been refuted by him...But, oflate I
heard that patanjala yOga is not that of yOga which has been refuted by
bAdarAyaNa & bhAShyakAra & the sEshvara sAnkhya of patanjali is very much
in line with shankara philosophy...

While on the subject, it can be recalled that gIta in the 6th chapter does
discusses dhyAna yOga & preparation for this etc. But I doubt very much
whether shankara calling for asaMprajnatha samAdhi in his commentary
here...he rather more inclined to propagate adhyAtma yOga of shruti-s &
dhyAna yOga as an antaranga sAdhana after karma yOga (in the concluding
part of 5 chapter bhAshya he says it!!) which is not strictly as per
patanjali's dhAraNa, dhyAna & samAdhi yOga.

I humbly request scholars in this group to throw more light on this issue.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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