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Ravisankar Mayavaram abhayambika at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 12:12:29 CST 2005

I try to do sandhyavandanam while I am travelling (except on long
flights, such as the ones to India). It is easy to sandhyavandanam in
whichever Hotel you are staying (I have tried this in US and India).
Ideally, you carry with you the following items.

a) pa~nchapAtra+uddharaNi (vessels to sandhyavandana). You can
substitute them with the plastic cups  and ice tray, in case you do
not have it.

b)  dhoti and towel to wear pa~nchakacha and uttarIyam. Of course you
can substitue this with some fresh clothes if you dont have any.  Or
sprinkle water ten times on what you wear with gAyAtrI mantra
(mimicking the gAyAtrI snAnam). The key with the dress is your mind
should feel pure enough in it and not be bothered by it.

c) vibhuti (and kumkum)

d) picture of your ishhTa devata to motivate you. Of course this is
not essential. Either you can look towards the Sun outside or towards
the light in your heart (as explained in nArAyaNa sUktam). Latter make
the whole process wonderful.
Sometimes, if the evening program runs long and ends in dinner, then
doing in the evening  could be a problem. But I have not face any
glitches in doing morning sandhyavandanam at all.  Even if that
happens in the evening, I pray while I eat.   Or come back to the
hotel, take a shower and do sandhya vandana. I don't do any agni karma
such as aupAsanam. But there are rules such as offering Ahuti for few
days at once etc. You can find the details from Sri Ganesh Prasad of
shrouta list. He does aupAsana and maintains fire at home.

I don't travel very much, on average only 2 business related trips a
year. Hence, there may be better strategies than this. Also, I believe
that I am incapable of doing any of the things prescribed in
shruti-smRiti-puraaNa correctly (samaya-AcharaNa-axamaH asmi). I take
refuge in the SrimAtA, knowing well that   I can  be uplifted not by
my efforts, but only by HER  grace. So whatever I do, in HER eyes, is
like a child cooking food (pretend) with its play toys, at least I
hope so.

My 2c. 


On Wed, 2 Feb 2005 15:45:21 +0000 (GMT), abhishek rk
<smartie_625 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Namaste,
> I am sorry. My question was not worded properly. Could
> the learned list members (like Shri Vyas and others)
> tell me about their personal experience regarding
> their sandhya practice during travel? This would be
> very helpful.
> Dhanyavadah,
> Abhishek
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