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hariH Om !!

--- Ravisankar Mayavaram <abhayambika at gmail.com>

> Book details:
> Swami Amritananda, "Sri Rudram and Purusha Suktam -
> A Contemplative
> Study", Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, 1997.  (181+
> pages, and Price Rs.
> 40)
> Regading the texts in mantrapushpam: If you look in
> audio section, you
> will find tapes by Swami  Chidananda.  I see titles
> such as "Vedic
> Suktas", "Veda Patha", "Upanishad Chanting 1&2",
> etc. This should
> cover some of the texts in the book. 

Veda patha cassette has recitations of rudram,
chamakam, Br. Up, Jyotir brahmanam, aitareya Up. This
is released by RK Math, B'lore

In addition to the above there is a 4 cassette
collection titled Mantrapushpam, voice of Svami
Devarupananda, released by RK Math, Khar, Mumbai. I
bought these cassettes in Hyd. These cover Isa,
Narayana, Katha, Taittiriya, Surya, Ganapati
Atharvasirsha, Mahanarayana -- upanishats, Rudram,
Chamakam and several other suktas (purusha, vishnu,
narayana, devi, medha, bhu, neela, aghamarshana,
durga), nirvana ashtakam and others.

Veda  Pushpam cassette has recitations of purusha,
narayana, durga, medha, and Sri suktam; it also has
isa, mahanarayana, narayana, taititiya
(sishyanusasanam) by Svami Paramarthananda and Svami
Vishvesananda. This is released by RK Math, Hyd

One should be able to get all of them at any RK Math

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


> There are other
> places where you
> can get chanting of "mahAnArayanopanishad" etc. (e.g
> Veda Prasar
> Samiti - http://vedchant.com/; I have their complete
> K.Yajur Veda). I
> dont have the cassettes from RK Math, but I have the
> MP3 CDs from Veda
> Prasar Samiti.  Latter is very good, but I have
> listened only to
> rudram and mahanArayanopanishad portions of the MP3
> CDs.
> But as with all tapes, I sometimes find it difficult
> to discern
> anudAtta  clearly in most of the recordings.  Only a
> few I have
> exaggerate it enough for a lay listener like me to
> catch it. I could
> even do this *only after* learning in person from a
> teacher.
> Ravisankar 
> On Sun, 30 Jan 2005 18:26:53 -0800, Ravi Parimi
> <rparimi at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 
> > Here's the URL where you can order books online.
> >
> > They accept master/visa card for sure. They ship
> books to the US - am
> > not quite sure about other international
> locations. You can check with
> > them by email.
> > 
> > Hope this helps,
> > ---ravi
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