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> other ways to do it too.  For instance did Upanishadbrahmayogi
> comment on
> Vajrasuchika?

I have given below three casual online sources, according to
which upanishad Brahmayogin has commented on both the
Kalisantarana and VajrasUchika upanishads (in fact all of the
upanishads on the muktika's list), The last link is to a posting
in the Bhakti list by Ramakrishnan B. of this mailing list who
has (or had) access to the commentaries by upanishad
Brahmayogin, so perhaps he can clarify.

"In his commentary on the Kali-santarana Upanishad 2.1(215),
Upanishad Brahmayogin explains this name, saying: "That which
takes away ignorance and its effect is Hari, the Remover, who
destroys the belief that things can exist in themselves, apart
from him." Hari, the Remover, is also the remover of sorrow, the
giver of consolation."... 

"Of the 108 upanishads commented on by Upanishad Brahmayogin,
eight are Shakta, fifteen Shaiva, and fourteen Vaishnava. The
Vaishnava upanishads are KRSNopaniSad, MahA-nArAyaNa, RAmatApanI
(Purva and Uttara), eRsiMhatApanI (Purva and Uttara), and
GopAlatApanI ((Purva and Uttara), Ätmabodha, NArAyaNa,
RAmarahasya, VAsudeva, HayagrIva, Kalisantarana, GaruDa and

"At 10:56 AM 6/2/97 -0500, Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian wrote:
The edition of 108 upanishhad-s with the commentary of shrI
upanishhad brahmayogin, which has been published by the Adyar
Library does not contain the Allah upanishhad. 
PS: The 108 upanishhad-s published by the Adyar library are the
108 in the muktika upanishhad, with the complete commentary of


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