[Advaita-l] mANDukya kArikA bhAShya

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Dear Rama and Bhaskar:

Thank you for taking your time to reply. T.S. Rukmani makes a  mention
of this in the appendix of YSBV book. This appendix is based on her
paper on Indian Journal Philosophy and it about Sankara and Yoga. 
Based on my cursory reading, she pretty much says the same thing
Vidyasankar had emphasized in his e-mails all along about Sankara and
Yoga .

 But this statement on MKB is something I did not understand. She goes
to the extent saying that if MKB is accepted as a genuine work of
Sankara, it will put him altogether on a different  footing. (I will
quote her exact words if someone wants it). To me, such statements
sound like an exaggeration, unless Sankara says something there that
blatantly contradicts something else he had said in the "so-called"
accepted works.


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