[Advaita-l] Dharma Shastra & its applicability

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Sun Feb 6 22:20:32 CST 2005

Humble praNAms to All prabhuji-s
Hare Krishna

I think topics related to smruthi texts have taken place somany times in
the list..Since I dont have the access to internet I am not able to search
the archieves.  Hence, asking this question once again...Any help would be
highly appreciated.

Whether rules & regulations stipulated in dharma shAstra-s applicable
universally all time without any time restrictions & life style of its
followers??  or  these shAstra-s are time bound & need amendments time &
again according to prevailing socio-economic condition & life style of its
followers??  I've a particular question in this regard also...why dharma
shAstra-s say A saNyAsi should not cross sea?? what is the logical
explanation shastra-s can give in this regard??  As we know, well known
sanyAsi-s like vivEkAnanda, Swamy rAmathIrtha, prabhupAda, dayAnaNda
saraswati of Arsha vidyA etc. etc. have crossed sea to do dharma
prachAra...Since they have violated the *niyama* of dharma shAstra can we
say they are not *sanyAsi-s* in strict sense??  Is our dharma shAstra-s
need any amendment according to the life style of present day sanyAsi-s &
guruhastha-s ?? or can we without disturbing the original text, interpret
the niyama-s enshrined in dharma shAstra-s  in a different way according to
our convenience??  Kindly let me know what would be the explanation of
strict followers of dharma shAstra-s in these cases of occassional
violation of  smruthi texts by the upholders of dharma.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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