[Advaita-l] Thank you so much!

sidha at omkarananda-ashram.org sidha at omkarananda-ashram.org
Mon Feb 7 03:31:30 CST 2005

Dear Hari ji,
I'm extremely thankful to you for providing me the links. I have had a
look at them. I'm extremely thankful to you for clarifying my doubt, which
has been existing since the last few years, that Madhva didn't write any
commentary on the Upanishads. However, since I'm extremely interested in
knowing how the great Acharya has commented upon Upanishad Vakyas that I
see as very clearly teaching Advaita, now I'm extremely interested in
getting a copy of those Upanishad Bhashyas. I have contacted the Vedanta
bookshop in Banlore, they have promised me to send a copy of that Bhashya.
I'm again extremely thankful for clarifying this misunderstanding that has
been created by some really great scholars and has been there since the
last 6-7 years. I would be always thankful to you. Pranams, Siddhartha

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