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Mon Feb 7 04:30:15 CST 2005

Sannyasis crossing the ocean is something happening also in strictly
orthodox circles nowadays. Here are a few examples regarding Sringeri
peetham and mathas affiliated with Sringeri peetham.

praNAm Sri Stig prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Thanks for the references....But prabhuji I am more particular about the
injuctions of dharma shAstra with regard to why saNyAsi-s should not cross
the Sea??  what is the logic behind it??  Are the injuctions in dharma
shAstra-s *out dated* & need amendments suitable to present day life style
of saNyAsi-s?? Is this the reason saNyasi-s of traditional circle breaching
the barriers with regard to their life style??    We see dharma shAstra-s
imposing some rules & being a smruthi text we do accept it as one of valid
pramANa-s in prasthAna traya...But as you say even in orthodox traditional
circle, saNyAsi-s who are supposedly upholders of our sanAtana dharma
comfortably  violating the teaching of dharma shAstra-s!!! inspite of that
can we say they are the strict & religious  followers of vaidika dharma??
or dharma shastra-s are flexible enough to interpret differently at
different point of time according to our convenience??  that is what the
main question I have in my mind.

What is the precise quote from our dharma shAstra-s with regard to
saNyAsi's crossing of sea??  whether there is any explanation provided
there for this injuction??  if yes, is this explanation holds water
universally forever without any time bound restrictions or else whether  it
needs some amendments to suite the present day requirement of saNyAsi-s &

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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