About the thread [Advaita-l] Bhagavan Ramanuja and Madhva haven't ...

pn murthy pnmurthy at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 7 22:22:36 CST 2005


Perusing the posts for this month, the discussions in the thread 
"[Advaita-l] Bhagavan Ramanuja and Madhva haven't written any ..." didn't 
miss my attention.

I Wonder if the original poster has done enough homework before typing the 
assertion about Bhagavan Madhva and authorship of Upanishad bhashyams, for I 
have read otherwise in an Indology list where a poster who made the same 
statement had to retract it, which he did very graciously!

A simple search with Google search engine led me to the following site:
where there is a list that repudiates the original poster's assertion.
I am sure there are enough knowledgeable members (who are also fans of 
veracity) in this list to not overlook and enough to even correct that 


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