[Advaita-l] a request to all members

sidha at omkarananda-ashram.org sidha at omkarananda-ashram.org
Wed Feb 9 10:36:15 CST 2005

Dear List-members,
Has anyone in here seen the commentary by Bhagavan Madhvacarya on the
Some friends in this list have mentioned that Bhagavan Madhvacarya has
also written a commentary on the Rig-veda. I have also read in a book that
Bhagavan Hastamalaka has also written a commentary on the Rig-veda. What I
have been searching since the last 4 years, is any of the other 22
(ancient Sanskrit) commentaries written on the Rig-veda. I have searched
all the Sanskrit Book stores in Delhi and in Varanasi, but I didn't find
any. However, if any member could give me any address, telephone number,
e-mail address or any contact, where I could find any such commentary,
would be a great help to me. I'm in fact ready to pay any amount for such
a book. I would be thankful forever to a person who could help me in this
Thank you,
Siddhartha Krishna

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