[Advaita-l] gaayatri--- is it a mantra?

sri parasukhananda nadha sriparasukhanandanadha at rediffmail.com
Wed Feb 9 20:18:32 CST 2005

 Dear sir,

          In my openion Gaayatri is not a mantra at all, because mantras all would be initiated by a Guru.  Gaayatri is not initiated like other mantraas by a Guru.  Gaayatri is entrusted by the father to a son, to continue the yagna, which he was entrusted by his father and continued till then,  and asking the son to handover the same to his sons.
For the same reason he is entrusting his hard  earned property to the sons. Upanayana is, handing over the son to a Guru for proper training
in that sacred mission.  Gaayatri is not a necessity to conjunct it with the Upanayana which afterall is a samskaara.



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