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hariH Om !!

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> Dear Sri Ravishankar:
> > person who has not undergone the ceremony of
> upanayana is shuudra (janmana 
> > jaayate shuudraH - by birth all are shudra-s only)
> and 
> janmanA jAyate shUdraH - By birth (one is) known to
> be LIKE a shUdraH.  "Like" has to be supplied.  If
> he were intrinsically a shUdraH then he would not be
> entitled to samskAra.  He appears and behaves like
> one though essentially he is not and hence he can be
> refined.  The difference is subtle but significant.

Based on this long discussion on this topic, I
understand now that brAHmaNa, kshatriya, vaisya are
eligible for Upanayana and vedic studies. Can I also
infer that all these three castes can conduct vedic
rituals as Ritviks ? Can they take up the vritti of a
purohita etc. ?

In the above discussion only 'SUdra' community is not
made eligible for Upanayana and vedic study, and
conducting Vedic rituals.

Sri Vidyasankar has said that he is even Ok with not
having upanayana for vedic study. Does he mean only
for the first three castes ?

Does a SUdra beyond any samskara  to become a dvija ?
This is the only difference that is being made
visible, and is a dividing line between communities
now, from the orthodoxy. 

I am told that Paramacharya Chandrasekhara Sarasvati
of kanchi Matha was opposed to the bill that was to
give right for harijan's to enter temples. 

Now a days, after the recent Kanchi episode, there is
some news of mobilising DALITs (I don't know what it
means, and how different it is from harijans,
untouchables) in support of Kanchi svami. To what
extent is this love for dalits will go? 

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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