[Advaita-l] A Shudra should be worshiped

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A Shudra should be worshiped

"padbhyaam shuudro ajaayata", says the Purusha Sukta in the Rig-veda and
Yajur Veda. It means that the Shudra is born from the Lotus Feet of the
Supreme Lord Bhagavan Vishnu.
When we worship our Lord, Parents and Masters, what do we worship first?
Their face, or their hands, or their thighs? I think we all first worship
the Lotus Feet. This is a common tradition in India. Shudras are born from
the Lotus Feet of the Purusha, Bhagavan Vishnu.
Ganga is the most pure river on earth. Why? Because she was born from the
Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Vamana, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Shudra
should be even more pure than Ganga, because he is born directly from the
Lotus Feet of Vishnu.
The whole body stands on the two feet. Cut off the feet and see what
happens! The whole body would collapse. Shudras were and are the
substratum of our society. To serve is their duty. Isn't Seva considered
the greatest deed? And think if they wouldn't have served all the three
upper casts what would have happened to them.
It is also said in the Purusha Sukta, "padbhyaam bhuumih", Mother Earth is
also born from the Lotus Feet of the same Supreme Lord Bhagavan Vishnu,
like the Shudra.
Let me tell you also something very special. Those who have read the
Upanishad Bhashya, would be very well aware that "paadaabhimaani devataa"
(i.e. Devata presiding over our feet is Vishnu), like the Sun and Moon
preside over our eyes, Agni presides over our speech etc. Why is this so?
Because Vishnu bears, supports and holds everything, as do our feet, as
does the Shudra and as does the mother earth. Contemplate on these
So, the message is "Love the Shudras, Worship them, See God in them, Be
thankful for their existence, misbehavior towards them has led to the
present miserable situation of India. Therefore, all great saints, of
north and south India, have loved them and opposed all the stupid and
inhuman actions that were performed by supremely perverted Brahmanas in
north and south alike.
Please also note that many of Alvar Saints were Shudras. They started the
tradition of Bhakti in India, which was taken up and introduced in the
entire country by great Brahmana Saints like Bhagavan Ramanuja. Many Sant,
including the greatest of them, Sant Kabir, and Sant Ravidas, were lowest
among the Shudras. Still they were millions and millions times better than
millions and millions of Brahmanas.
Let me also add something. According to the description given by Bhagavan
Manu, 99 % so-called Brahmanas have become Shudra, sorry to say, including
many in here who are discussing this issue.
"A Dvija, who doesn't study the Veda and works hard in anything else, in
this very life he instantly becomes Shudra together with his entire family
(sons, grandsons etc.)." (2-168)
This should be even more worse for those who have done their Upanayana,
have got their sacred thread, but haven't studied the Vedas and do not
practice their Svadharma. They should be considered far worst and lower
than those Harijan (sweepers) in India, who are at least still practicing
their Svadharma and going to clean the toilets of the upper classes. Such
Brahmanas, who have left aside their Svadharma are even worse than these
Manishapancakam is the most wonderful text by Acarya Shankara. Learn it by
heart and meditate upon it. Sarvam khalvidam Brahma. Also the Shudra is
Brahman. In the state of Self-realization even a Caandaala etc. doesn't
remain a caandaala, this has been very clearly described in the
Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.
Sorry, I don't mean to hurt anybody. I'm just telling the truth. So that
people wake up. What to do if the truth is a bit bitter. After all it is
the TRUTH.
Love and respect to all,
Siddhartha Krishna

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