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hariH Om !!

--- Vidyasankar Sundaresan <svidyasankar at hotmail.com>

> >Sri Vidyasankar has said that he is even Ok with
> not
> >having upanayana for vedic study. Does he mean only
> >for the first three castes ?
> I do not know what in my previous posting gave this
> impression. Quoting 
> myself,
> "Personally, I would say upanayana is a prerequisite
> for learning to chant
> the veda, because that would be a sign of respecting
> the tradition. However,
> also personally, for people who show interest and
> sincerity, I would not
> restrict upanayana according to birth."
> It should be clear that I consider upanayana to be
> necessary (prerequisite). 
> I am only saying that I would not restrict it
> according to birth in an upper 
> caste. For me, upanayana is not an ostentatious
> ritual where a boy is given 
> a cotton sUtra, and gold and silver threads too, and
> then everybody feasts, 
> and nothing else happens after. No, upanayana is an
> initiatory ritual for 
> study of the veda. Without getting into whether
> birth in an upper caste 
> family is necessary, all I am saying is that if
> someone is interested in 
> learning the veda, that someone has to respect the
> tradition and be willing 
> to go through the upanayana first. 

My question pertains to this very point. 

Are you saying that whatever may be the caste i.e
brAhmaNa, vaisya, kshatriya, SUdra, all the four,
(acording to you any male) interested in learning vEda
can learn, and should be taught, after they duly
undergo upanayana ceremony? 

Are you saying that all the four castes can undergo
upanayana ceremony ? It may so happen that a SUdra
wants to undergo upanayana ceremony, and not study
vEda like most of the other three castes do. So, we
can generalize that upanayana is OK for all the four
castes, and would you clarify if the all the 4 castes
after upanayana are eligible for all the karma that a
brAhmaNa is supposed to perform including nitya,
naimittika karmas.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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