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Mon Feb 14 04:48:36 CST 2005

Priya mahaasayaah,
                            Some time back in 1950s, Pundit ushrabuddh of punjab has given some lectures through an american radio, explaining the esotiric meaning of the hindu marriage system; as a result of it he received several thousands of letters, saying that after hearing those lectures they are now feeling that they have never married at all, but living together just like animals only, and also expressed their wish to have the marriage should be celebrated again.
                           The radio company, however has provided some time, with prior- announcement, for all those who wish to celebrate marriage function, asking them to get ready with all the requirements for the function. Several thousands of american couples have celebrated the marriage function in their homes, while the pundit was chanting mantras  explaining and instructing what to do and how to do, to sanctify their marriatal relationships.  such is the greatness of our traditional marriage system.
                           But now a days, it has become a proffessional advantage to squeeze money from others. Some purohits being very busy, recording some mantras in a cassette and asking coustomers to purchase and play it at the time of the muhurtam and do according to the instructions.  Some persons are sending very young illiterate boys to conduct the function. This is very very common in the marriages of Sudras. These boys even though they dont know any mantras, but conduct the proceedures one after another reading some inaudible verses, behind the loud noices of the band musics. Not only the marriages, the same kind of  practice is common for every type of  Karma kanda is going on.  Nobody knows what is going on with the mantras, nor the purohit doesnt pay any respect for the order of the mantras at all.
                           Then what I question now is, what is wrong in conducting all karmakandas  with the help of the tape recorders only,  leaving aside all these fake purohits?  What is  wrong in a Sudra learning and  understanding mantras, and conducting functions himself?  In these conditions, I think Veda mantras need not be a necessity to be chanted, but we can formulate some tantric mantras instead, in their place to avoid these blackmailer purohits.  Our efforts must go in that direction only;. and an assembly of all the learned pundits must be organized as early as possible to formulate such mantras, and to decide about what action should be taken against such purohits in future.
                            I repeat once again tha the varna vyavastha in our country is totally disrupted and unrepairable now.  So why should we any more discuss about the scriptural orders and meanings at all?  I beg pardon if this hurts any individual, but we have to go in a practical way, in accordence with the changing times and conditions of the society.

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 Srikrishna Ghadiyaram wrote :
>hariH Om !!
>--- Vidyasankar Sundaresan <svidyasankar at hotmail.com>
> >
> > >Are you saying that all the four castes can undergo
> > >upanayana ceremony ? It may so happen that a SUdra
> > >wants to undergo upanayana ceremony, and not study
> > >vEda like most of the other three castes do. So, we
> > >can generalize that upanayana is OK for all the
> > four
> > >castes, and would you clarify if the all the 4
> > castes
> > >after upanayana are eligible for all the karma that
> > a
> > >brAhmaNa is supposed to perform including nitya,
> > >naimittika karmas.
> >
> > I confess I don't see the rationale behind this line
> > of argument. If it is
> > not a person's family custom to undergo an upanayana
> > ceremony, why start
> > now, especially if there is no interest in learning
> > the veda? And without a
> > modicum of veda study, where is the question of
> > nitya or naimittika vaidika
> > karma? My point is this - given an interest and
> > sincerity in learning the
> > veda and imbibing the values inculcated in them,
> > even if birth makes one a
> > non-dvija, I would say the upanayana saMskAra should
> > be done before starting
> > the study of the veda. If there is no interest to
> > begin with and if wearing
> > a yajnopavIta is only for show, I don't see any
> > point in conducting an
> > upanayana.
> >
>I take that, you have answered my main question  which
>is whether a SUdra can undergo upanayana and Vedic
>studies, as 'YES'. Would you please answer the other
>part i.e will such a SUdra be able to do all the nitya
>and naimittika karmas just like brAhmanas.
>I am asking these questions because if it is allowed
>by all communities to live like a brAhmana, if they
>choose,  interms of samskaras and duties then there
>should not be any moe complaints. I also know that
>once such provision is made available they will not
>demand for it, as we see that even brAhmaNas do not do
>this unremunirative job any more. Current society has
>more attractive things to offer. But, it will quieten
>the society. Let a serious brAhmana or other practice
>the vedic karma/dharma, as they wish. If the society
>allows such activities for all it is likely to remove
>unnecessary social divide, as it is perceived now,
>though there may not be such a divide in reality.
>All the complaints against brAhmanas are not based on
>the eligibility for Vedic study etc. It is all
>because, once upon a time those roles had more
>importance in the society. Mostly it is the problem of
>the upper castes not treating all people with due
>respect, and arrogating more resources for themselves.
>Now that we are in path for a new social order, this
>debate about eligibility will be a moot point.
>Om Namo Narayanaya !!
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