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hariH Om !!

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> > I am told that Paramacharya Chandrasekhara
> Sarasvati
> > of kanchi Matha was opposed to the bill that was
> to
> > give right for harijan's to enter temples.
> I am not sure about it. Most of his talks are
> compiled into
> deivaththin kural and other works.
> You should ask your source for  details and the
> source of this information.

Please see the following link. The page is in Telugu.
But, the essence is that Paramacharya was opposed to
permitting harijans into the temple, and he put the
burden on the harijans to vote against the bill, and
do good religious followers !!!


> > Now a days, after the recent Kanchi episode, there
> is
> > some news of mobilising DALITs (I don't know what
> it
> > means, and how different it is from harijans,
> > untouchables) in support of Kanchi svami. To what
> > extent is this love for dalits will go?
> Sri Jayendra Saraswati (JS) swamiji's association
> with dalits and
> other non-brahmaNa communities started quite a while
> ago.  Probably
> you can trace its route to the failed  Jan Jagran
> Jan Kalyan movement
> he started. His over all goal is to show that there
> is scope for all
> upliftment within the vedic religion.  To a large
> extent, he was
> concerned with the massive conversion attempts going
> on with
> evangelical christian missionaries and wanted to
> send a message that
> the religious heads care for all segments of the
> society.  He even
> shared a stage with a dalit leader  sometime last
> year or so.   People
> say that he was even instrumental in the enactment
> of  a bill against
> "forced" conversion, after the election loss Jaya
> pulled this bill
> back.

That is what I am also saying. I have no personal
knowledge, but I have heard that Sri Svami Jayendra
Sarasvati was reaching out to harijans (Dalits) and
did  some thing good. But, that good remained at the
level of giving them recognition of the lapses of the
previous society, but not to make them as part of one
of the 4 castes or even ONE caste, even at the level
of a secular society i.e spiritual karma as per one's
tradition but equal in democracy, knowing fully well
that we have no choice at this stage of society. Still
we are interpreting Dharma in terms of the old
scriptures, and not according to new order of reality.
I do not know when will a brAhmaNa who so claims will
get to do his duties prescribed for him in the Dharma
sastras !! When will he be compassionate and
charitable and have self-ralization as his sole goal,
and works to help all the other castes and creatures
without claiming spremacy. If that day comes, yes then
you can have a society modelled around the 4 varna

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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