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> Adding to what Sri Ravishankar has written:
> On two occassions in the past, I had the opportunity to do
> some service in this regard (one on the occassion of my
> marriage and the other for my daughter's aayushyahoma).  We
> invited 11 purohits who had learned Vedas properly and held a
> brief veda-sadas where these purohits chanted Vedas and gave
> them dakshina, both as effort to show respect and recognition
> for Vedic learning and also to receive blessings. 

Contrary to popular belief (even among Brahmins), the philosophy
of the Vedas is not limited to Vedic chanting! There are mImAmsA
and VedAnta sUtras which form the exegeses of the Vedas and
these texts require rigorous study. There are traditional
scholars who study these sUtras and it is these scholars that I
was referring to. They don't want to be full-time purohits since
that leaves no time for scholarship and study. It is these
scholars who are having a tough time in Modern India, finding
few patrons to support them.


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