[Advaita-l] RE: Is an ISvara compatible with advaita vedAnta?

Amuthan Arunkumar R aparyap at yahoo.co.in
Tue Feb 15 06:43:06 CST 2005

namo nArAyaNAya,

dear SrI girIsh,
> Say a Human Being 'A' sees water. In school he
> learns that water is H20.
> Then realises that we can freeze Water to ice and
> heat it make steam. 
> The point he realises is that its all H20.
> Water is not just water for him now, and hence it
> ceases to exits as he
> perceived it was.
you're statement is that a jN.Ani sees the world as
brahman.my contention is that for a jN.Ani, only
brahman exists, a world does not exist in the first
place, so u'r argument doesn't answer my point.  

> What I am trying to get at is a A who truly realises
> looks at both Carbon
> and Diamond as the same. There are millions of
> people who know the above but
> yet they cry to achive this. This is the difference
> between knowing
> something and realisation.
> Now that 'A' has truly realised, it doesn't mean
> that 'Diamond','Coal'
> ceases to exist literally!!! It's just that he
> perceives it as the same and
> hence ceases to exist the way he thought it was
> earlier.

i agree that the world does not exist the way he
thought it was earlier. but why does a world exist at
all for him?
> Another analogy is from the movie MATRIX -
> It's a very good movie if watched associating to
> what we learn. Keanu Reaves
> once he realises that MATRIX is a Virtual Reality,
> he can behave like
> software with realisation, i.e. knowing that he can
> do things which a non
> realised entity in MATRIX does. He knows where, what
> he is doing (I agree he
> is trying to find out why, but for our discussion
> lets keep it aside). The
> Matrix ceases to exists coz you know what it is and
> hence its ceases to
> exist the way you perceived it before realisation.

there are only two states, either a person is under
mAyA or he is the brahman. there is no state in
between. in the above analogy, the matrix still exists
for him. he just is not deluded by it. the proper
extension is that of an advanced sAdhaka who is not
affected by the world, though the world exists for
him. but for a jN.Ani, this is not the case. to put it
in ur words, there's no matrix to be deluded by it!

> What you are behind is 'the world ceases to exist',
> yes it does coz its no
> more what you though it was.

which is equivalent to my statement that it doesn't

hari sarvatra,

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