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> Dear Sri Parasukhanandanadhaji,
> You Wrote :
> > In my openion Gaayatri is not a mantra at all, because >mantras all
> be initiated by a Guru.  Gaayatri is not >initiated like other mantraas by
> Guru.  Gaayatri is >entrusted by the father to a son, to continue the
> >which he was entrusted by his father and continued till >then,  and
> the son to handover the same to his >sons.
> During my upanayanam, Gayatri matra was recited by my
> Guru in my ears and heard from the elders this is the
> sampradaya in our sect (Smartha). My father did not
> entrust me the matra as you wrote.
> Probably, certian sects may follow as what you have commented. Can I know
> from the learned readers
> in the list as which is the correct way of initaiting the Gayatri mantra.
> > sriparasukhanandanadha.
> Shankar. P.S

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