[Advaita-l] Re: Patronage for learning

RamkumarN at aol.com RamkumarN at aol.com
Wed Feb 16 00:15:48 CST 2005

Dear Members,
I wholeheartedly second Ravi's opinion and I am ready to contribute for the 
cause of supporting pundits who study Veda and Vedangas. I have organised a 
vidwat sadas during my marriage with traditional scholars not only from Veda but 
also from allied disciplines like Nyaya,Vyakarana etc.,


> Contrary to popular belief (even among Brahmins), the philosophy
> of the Vedas is not limited to Vedic chanting! There are mImAmsA
> and VedAnta sUtras which form the exegeses of the Vedas and
> these texts require rigorous study. There are traditional
> scholars who study these sUtras and it is these scholars that I
> was referring to. They don't want to be full-time purohits since
> that leaves no time for scholarship and study. It is these
> scholars who are having a tough time in Modern India, finding
> few patrons to support them.
Some of the organizations I mentioned do not teach only vedic
chanting. They teach a lot more than that. They will teach even more
and find teachers to teach them if there is a need/demand.  For
instance, veda paTha nidhi  has over 50 publications explaining many
vedic rituals, these books are not mere translations, they quote
relevant shaastra-s to  explain what is done, how it is done, and why
it is done.  And the vedagama trust in mayavaram, teach a lot from
shaivaagama-s etc.

I think, our goal must be  to find out what activities are going on
and make them known so that  willing people can help them and
participate in them.  You know someone , who is looking for funds to
study/teach mImAmsa etc. You can post in detail about them and the
importance in helping them out.  If you create that as a HTML file, I
will post it on ambaa.org as well.  This is one topic that requires
more action than discussion.



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