[Advaita-l] Dear Girish ji

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Wed Feb 16 11:55:17 CST 2005

Dear Girish Ramadurgam ji,

>>>>>>>>>>Siddharth Ji,
You have dedicated your life to a great purpose but you said
"A Dvija, who doesn't study the Veda and works hard in anything else,
in this very life he instantly becomes Shudra together with his entire
family (sons, grandsons etc.)."
Looks like you think Shudra's are lower mortals. Can you please tell me if
you really feel so?

Please carefully read the entire article. I have tried to say that the
Shudras should be worshipped (by loving them and having great respect for
them) since they are upholding the purity of the society by cleaning it.
We all "GREAT BRAHMANAS" would have been sitting in a heap of rubbish and
dirt if the Shudras wouldn't be constantly cleaning our toilets, houses,
streets and cities. So we should give a very special respect to them,
because they have taken up the dirty works of this society. We should be
thankful to them for their support. That is what I meant in that mail.
All humans are eventually equal in the eyes of the Divine Mother. There is
no such thing as lower or higher human. These conceptions like Brahmana
and Shudra are formed by us for the benefit of the society. The quotation
means that A Brahmana who doesn't study the Vedas is equally impure like a
Shudra. Since the purity of a Brahmana lies in the studying and living the
Vedic truths in his life. Shudra is only impure because he is doing the
dirty work of the society. This indeed never ever should be the cause of
hatred, but on the contrary it should be the cause of thankfulness and
Love and respect,
Siddhartha Krishna

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