[Advaita-l] janmana jaayate shUdraH

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Fri Feb 18 04:13:43 CST 2005

This should be the last word in this matter (from the
Shastraic viewpoint) :
No religion teaches us to live according to our whims
and fancies; no religion asks us to acquire wealth and
property for our personal needs alone. If a man
believes that he alone is important, that he is all,
he will live only for himself. That is why all
religions speak of an entity called God and teach man
to efface his ego or I-feeling. "Child, " they tell
him" , "you are nothing before that Power, the author
of this universe. It is he -- that Power -- who has
endowed you with intelligence. Your intelligence, your
intellect, must guide you on the path of dharma,
righteousness. For this purpose, you must look up to
this Power for support. " The great importance
attached to bhakti or devotion in all religions is
founded on this belief, the need for divine support
for virtuous conduct

One's religion is nothing but the dharma practiced by
one's forefathers. May all adhere to their dharma with
unwavering faith and courage and be rewarded with
everlasting bliss. 


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