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  Dear Siddharthaji,
    If you talk any thing in terms of advita, we must confess that there is nothing at all outside our body structer.  "Ekameva adviteeyam brahma".  
All the Lokas are visible to those who introspectively see within themselves only. "kaschid dheerah pratyagaatmaana maikshat".
According to their samskaaras, persons will be leaving their outer layers of their avidya, which has taken the shape of the body, and the whole universe consisting of a number of Lokas in it. Brahmaloka is also becomes a layer of ignorence only, because of the slightest knowledge that it is different from himself.  Real Gyaani does not aspire for Brahmaloka or any other lokas because he himself is the real Brahma.  He sacrifices every thing like Punya, paapa,kritya, akritya, sankalpa,vikalpa,Dharma and adharma in the gyaanaagni itself.  He converts sarva dharmaas into amrita roopa only.  He knows that he himself is the real amritha, where Shrimannaaraayana has taken the shelter for existence.


On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 sidha at omkarananda-ashram.org wrote :
>Dear Krishamurty ji,
> >>>>>>>>>>>>Brahma lokam abhisampadyathe is to be costrued as -he reaches
>the world of Brahman and not the world of Brahma.
>What is the clear difference between both? There doesn't seem to be any
>proof of such difference. There is only one term "Brahman". Brahma is just
>the singular form of the first tense of Brahman. So, there doesn't seem to
>be any proof of the existence of two types of BrahmaLokas. The only
>logical meaning that I can get out of the term is "the state of Brahman".
>That there should be a place belonging to Brahmaa, where he has fun and
>enjoys life with his followers, a greater form of heaven, is not at all
>understandable in modern times. No such loka has even been mentioned in
>any of the Vedic scriptures, only in the Puranas.
>Siddhartha Krishna
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