[Advaita-l] Kundalini - its requirement for salvation

Navin Rajaram navinr at moschip.com
Thu Feb 24 08:29:59 CST 2005

Hari Om,

ramesh badisa wrote:

>According to upanishads, there are 6 chakras, present on the astral body of every person. The awakening of kundalini will pass through all these chakras via sushumna nadi. When kundalini reaches the crown of the head, then that person is said to have accomplished self-realization (Jeevan mukta - JM), and then achieves immediate salvation. In this case, the soul of JM, after the death of physical body, won't go to any lokas or halt anywhere, but becomes inifinite (omnipresent - Gita 2/24), and thus called divine. 
>It is said that no salvation is possible without awkening of kundalini. In that case, how is it possible for those souls that follow 8/24 path (Dev yan marg) of Gita (or Upanishads) and waiting at Brahma Lok, to get the kundalini awakened for the sake of achieving salvation? Can we say that awakening of kundalini is also prior requirement even for those souls which follow 8/24 path? 

Shri Rameshji, I am not aware of the technicalities of achieving 
salvation. Being realized, however, is a binary issue. Either one is 
mukta or not. Therefore, while a person strives towards that goal and 
gradually sheds all identifications, he is ever non-realized until 
bliss(which is again not describable in words) is a permanent and all 
transcending state. Maybe the 8/24  path of Gita and other such paths 
are only a structured way of reaching towards that end. Most 
importantly, we are all unrealized until the omniscience and 
omnipresence of Brahman is clear to us and we reside in that state.

The point of what I've said is Brahma Lok and other such 
terms(technicalities) may be essential in denoting different states of 
spiritual evolution for a seeker but they are irrelevant from the 
perspective of realization. Once realized,staying realized - that would 
be it. Anything other than that cannot be called realization can it?
Considering that there are different schools - Dvaita,Vishishtaadvaita 
and Advaita - one can easily see that such schools of thought have 
sprung from seekers who stabilized at different levels of realization. 
The first two schools primarily evolved as Bhakti oriented schools, 
while those who transcended Bhakti also by inquiry have found peace in 

My knowledge on the kundalini aspect is little, but it appears to be a 
bio-technical analysis of the state of realization.

Hari Om,

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