[Advaita-l] The Three Divine Qualities of an aspirant

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The Three Divine Qualities of an aspirant

"The elixir was brewed for the great father Dyau (the Heaven, the abode of
Light) and was concealed. A tender, wise and shooter soul courageously
shoots the arrow for it. And then the Divinity establishes its energy
(Light) in its daughter" (Rig Veda 1-71-5)

Elixir is the Divine nectar of Bliss to obtain Immortality, which can only
be obtained by Self-knowledge or Self-enlightenment. This is brewed to
obtain the Great Father Dyau, which is the abode of Light, Heaven in other
terms. In Vedic Religion the Heaven is the father of creation, and the
Divine Mother Aditi ( = Eternity) is the mother of the entire creation
including all the Divinities. But this Divine Nectar is concealed within
the deep cavern of our heart by the darkness of ignorance, the lonely
cause of mortality and death.
But a pure soul, which is tender towards all, i.e. loves the entire
creation, practices non-violence; and which is wise due to the knowledge
imparted by the holy scriptures and masters; and which is a shooter, i.e.
ready to destroy the object that is hiding it, "Ignorance". Courageously =
fearlessly, boldly shoots an arrow to destroy the veil of Ignorance, so
that the Divine Nectar which is hidden in our hearts can be tasted and the
soul can enter the state of Supreme Bliss. The Divinity is the Soul, the
Spirit, and its daughter is the Buddhi, mind-intellect. That Supreme Soul
establishes its light or energy into the intellect, so the intellect can
realize the Soul and can become Self-enlightened.
The quintessence is that a practitioner of Yoga/Spirituality should be
tender towards all. He should be extremely wise, and such wisdom is
obtained by reading the Holy Books and listening to the teachings of the
great Masters, and eventually by trying to practice them in our daily
living. He should be ready to shoot at the cause of darkness, which is
ignorance, this means that such an aspirant should have a deep desire and
a strong will to perform this hard task. He should be totally ready and
concentrated as a shooter is when he shoots. A Mantra from the Mundaka
Upanishad would help us in understanding this a bit more, "The Knowledge
described in the Upanishads is the big bow, one should place the arrow,
which has been sharpened by deep meditation, on it. And then one should
stretch the bow with a heart fixed on its goal. The goal indeed is the
Imperishable Supreme".
In three words the three essential qualities of a practitioner of Yoga
should be, 1. Tenderness, 2. Wisdom, and 3. Enthusiasm. Only when these
three qualities are obtained the Light is established within our
May the Supreme Divinity help us all in achieving these 3 wonderful
Love you all,
Siddhartha Krishna

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