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Thu Feb 24 12:02:21 CST 2005

This response is not intended to hurt anyone. Respect for all members.
>The point of what I've said is Brahma Lok and other such 
terms(technicalities) may be essential in denoting different states of 
spiritual evolution for a seeker but they are irrelevant from the 
perspective of realization. 
Badisa: If I have understood correctly, the seeker (sadhaka) is the person, who does spiritual sadhana while living. Right? However, the 8/24 path of Gita and other upanishads talk about the path of the eligible soul to reach Brahma Lok. It means that Brahma Lok (or for that matter any other lok) is not just something to denote different states of spiritual evolution of the seeker. Because, it is the eligible soul that take up the journey to Brahma Lok as described in scriptures, not the physical body of the sadhaka (seeker). In that case, where is the question that Brahma Lok denotes different states of spiritual evolution on the part of seeker.  
>Once realized,staying realized - that would be it. Anything other than that cannot be called realization can it? Considering that there are different schools - Dvaita,Vishishtaadvaita 
and Advaita - one can easily see that such schools of thought have sprung from seekers who stabilized at different levels ....  
Badisa: True. But, the question asked earlier, starts after the death of the physical body, and does have any concern about different schools of bhakti for the eligible soul on 8/24 path of Gita. 
> ... of realization.

Badisa: Not so please. Realization (what ever it may be) is same for all.
> One of the fundamental principles of Advaita is that we are not BMI(body, 
mind, intellect). What can be the potential of this jad deh ? The real 
consciousness or life principle is Atman and Atman is not dependent on 
material elements or material energies, is it ? 
Badisa: Correct. Then, why the karma bandha atma takes the help of jad deh inorder to get rid of its karma? The karma bandha soul might as well could think that " why should I take the help of jed deh, I can as well stay free from jed deh and become karma rahita on my own" Can that happen in reality? If not, then why do we say simply this is jed deh or that is jad deh?  There are more than 20 upanishads, out of 108, based on astanga yoga sadhana. It would be better to respect them. 
> Why dissect this jad deh and look for an energy potential in this ? 
Badisa: If we cut open the dead body of human, we won't see any chakras inside. These are present on subtle body, meaning that no one can dissect to see. 



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