[Advaita-l] Kundalini - its requirement for salvation

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On Wed, 23 Feb 2005, ramesh badisa wrote:

> Namaste. According to upanishads, there are 6 chakras, present on the
> astral body of every person.

Which Upanishads?

> The awakening of kundalini will pass
> through all these chakras via sushumna nadi. When kundalini reaches the
> crown of the head, then that person is said to have accomplished
> self-realization (Jeevan mukta - JM), and then achieves immediate
> salvation. In this case, the soul of JM, after the death of physical
> body, won't go to any lokas or halt anywhere, but becomes inifinite
> (omnipresent - Gita 2/24), and thus called divine.

>  It is said that no salvation is possible without awkening of kundalini.
> In that case, how is it possible for those souls that follow 8/24 path
> (Dev yan marg) of Gita (or Upanishads) and waiting at Brahma Lok, to get
> the kundalini awakened for the sake of achieving salvation? Can we say
> that awakening of kundalini is also prior requirement even for those
> souls which follow 8/24 path?

7 chakras and 7 lokas are two different representations of the same thing.
The expansion of the concept of self from limited (ahamkara) to unlimited.

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