[Advaita-l] Why Arjuna?

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Dear Jaldhar ji
All I can say is that IT just happened like that.Bhagavad Gita is extempore
so to say.Sri Arjuna wanted the war with the Kauravas to redeem the Kingdom
which was legitimately due to Pandavas.After exhausting all other nonviolent
methods it was concluded that war was the only solution.Having resolved to
fight, Sri Arjuna -whose chariot Sri Krishna was driving- asked the Master
to to place the chariot between the two armies to have an inspection of the
armed persons arraigned against him as if he did not who is who in the
army.And Sri Krishna dutifully obeys the order.He is keeping silent and
watching Arjuna as to what next.Oh what a `u`turn.Sri Arjuna suddenly
discovers as it were he has to wage a war against his own kith and kin as if
he did not ever know this!He gives s speech as it were of what use is the
kingdom after killing all his relatives etc and overcome by delusion he is
simply at his wit`s end and asks Sri Krishna now recognising that He is not
only his charioteer but a friend philosopher and guide and seeks refuge in
HIM DECLARING THAT HE IS HIS DISCIPLE.Can we say all these were pre
arranged?It just happened like that and Sri Krishna grabbed the opportunity
as it were and unfolded the Gita for the benefit of entire mankind.But
credit should go to Sri Arjuna for asking relevant questions to elicit
correct answers without any pretence of having understood whatever was said
by Sri Krishna so that we are all benifited.
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> Heres a question I would like to know listmembers thoughts about.  Don't
> worry if you can't quote shastras about it, I'm more interested in your
> own feelings.
> The era of the Mahabharata contained great sages like Vyasa, great
> warriors like Bhishma, wise statesmen like Vidura, and bhaktas of the
> calibre of Narada.  Yet the truths of the Gita were revealed by Krishna
> Bhagavan to Arjuna.  Why him of all people?
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