[Advaita-l] FWD REQUEST: Volunteers Wanted for Translating the 7-Volumes of Hindu Dharma (Tamil deyvaththin kural)

Ravisankar Mayavaram abhayambika at gmail.com
Mon May 9 13:42:44 CDT 2005

[Following is an edited version of the information I received by
e-mail. You can see the original e-mail "as it is" on ambaa-L
archives. I have added some additional information here to help our

 I also request Prof. V. K, who is the moderator Advaitin, to
distribute this information on his list

 -- Ravi]

A quick note:

If you plan to help, please contact Sri R. Sridhar <vijisri at vsnl.com>.
Please do not reply to the list.  And  clearly mention "Voice of God
Project"  in your  subject line.

What is deyvaththin kural?

It is a 7-volume Tamil text, with each volume approximately running to
1000+ pages. It is collection of talks on various topics pertaining to
Hindu dharma by kAnchi paramAchArya Sri Sri chandraSekharendra
sarasvatI svAmiji. It was edited and prepared by the noted Tamil
writer Sri Raa. Ganapathy from the tapes of these talks. Some of these
talks are available to listen in Tamil from www.musicindiaonline.com.

Available Translations

The first two volumes was translated into English with the title Hindu
Dharma and portions of 6th volume with the title "Saundaryalahari" and
it is made available by Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan.

What is this new project?

To commemorate the 100th year of kAnchi paramAchArya Sri Sri
chandraSekharendra sarasvatI svAmiji's sannyAsa svIkaraNam and
ascension to pontifical seat of the revered Sri. Kanchi Kamakoti
Peetam this "Voice of God" project was launched few days ago with
blessings of the present AchArya-s. The term "Voice of God" is a
literal translation of the Tamil title "deyvaththin kural"

The Voice of God Project is an ambitious project seeking to translate
all the seven volumes of 'Deivathin Kural' in to English and several
Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, 
Oriya, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. Each volume of Deivathin Kural 
is over a 1000 pages long.

The deadline for getting printed copies ready is January 14, 2006. To
meet this deadline our translations must be ready by October 15, 2005.
Our immediate attempt is to translate the works into English, which
could be used as a base for other languages.

We need a team of translators who can translate Tamil to English and
subsequently from English to the other languages mentioned above.

If you are keen to participate in this 'mahayagnya' through your
translation work, please write immediately to R. Sridhar, Mumbai at
vijisri at vsnl.com .Clearly mention Voice of God project in your
subject line. 

This requires several hours of dedicated work, every day. If you have
the time, the inclination, the ability and a computer at your 
disposal, please get in touch immediately. (You could be located
anywhere in the world)

  We are also looking for volunteers in Mumbai/Chennai to be part of
the project team to handle several other aspects like editing, proof 
reading, co-ordination, monitoring, liaising with printers etc. If 
you have experience in handling such work, please write to R. Sridhar,
Mumbai at vijisri at vsnl.com clearly mention Voice of  God Project in
the subject line.

 PS: Even if you are unable to participate in this directly, you could
help by giving us the names of people who can. Feel free to write us
the names of other language translators & editors who could help.

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