[Advaita-l] Re: BGBh and yoga - yama-niyama - II

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Mon May 9 16:07:11 CDT 2005

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> Here, I would like to point to another common verse quoted
> with respect to 
> speech. I think it is from the mahAbhArata, although not in
> the gItA proper.

It is actually Manu smR^iti 4.138:

> satya.m brUyAt priya.m brUyAn na brUyAt satyamapriyam.h |
> priya.m ca nAnR^ita.m brUyAd esha dharmas sanAtanaH ||
> One should speak what is the truth and what is pleasing, but
> not the truth 
> that is unpleasant, nor an untruth that is pleasant - this is
> the eternal 
> law.

This is one of the rare instances in scripture where the term
"sanAtana dharma" appears.


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