[Advaita-l] Physicalism and Cosmic Intelligence

sriram srirudra at vsnl.com
Sun May 15 20:29:08 CDT 2005

Dear Friend
Your anguish is quite understandable.From time immemorial Man-read woman also-has been in quest of Origin of the Universe and also Origin of life.So far so many theories have been proposed by scientists as well as philosophers.But the truth is we are not able to say this is the original cause.If a scientist can create a living organism however simple it is meaning even unicellular either from nothingness or from sterilised inert material then only it can be accepted that life accidentally came into play.For any  physical event to happen  we know for certain that there are necessary and sufficient conditions required.For eg.rain.Clouds are a necessary condition.Sufficient condition is God`s will.So many times we have missed rains even though we had dense clouds over heads.Even monsoons are also found to be erratic.The unexplained x factor we call it God`s will.If you think of any event and analyse it why it happens like that you will come to a bottomline a fundamental why which cannot be further explained scientifically and you have to assume that it is natural or it is its nature which cannot be further changed.Hindu philosophy rests on Vedic sayings which confirm that there should be Causeless cause which is called Brahman.This is based on observations and deductive reasoning.If you go through the Brahma Suthras you will wonder how logical it is to assume that there should be a Brahman.We see intelligence every where of varying degrees constantly coming to play to keep life going but when the very same life comes to nought suddenly we feel sad and begin to question the intelligence of Brahman and even postulate there may not be a God.Advaita advocates Gnana has to be attained as Avidhya which is again causeless can be eradicated only by Gnana.And Gnana is not knowledge as it is generally understood.It is self realisation.

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