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                       Om namO Bhagavate rudrAya”
Sub:- Rudra Namakam – PrathamAnuvAkam
(Rik  ----2)
           “yAta iShuSSivatamA Sivam babHUvatE dHanuh
             SivA SaravyAyA tava tayAnO rudra mridaya”

     This is the stage of  dissolution of the mind.  When all the desires subsided, i,e., when the kundalini could reach the shodaSAnta in the brahma randHra, the susHumna nAdi will come to blossom forth and begins to ooze the nectar from the Chandra mandalm (lunar sovereignty).  Then the scenery will look like a
“Siitala tejO danDa rUpAm” (coolly burning shaft). That shaft is the rudra dHanus (bow of rudra).  The nectar is flowing down in to the heart region (Saravya the the target of the arrow to strike at the chandra mandala and bring down the nectar into the hridaya kamala) and from there nectar is sleeking into all the nAdI mandalam (nervous system) and converting them all refreshingly cool.

     Here, the “ishu”  the arrow of Siva, was converted in to the flow of nectar, the benefactor; “dHanus” the bow as the rising kundalini which is like a coolly burning rod;  “Saravya”  the target of the arrow as the ‘hridaya kamala’ the heart plexus.
     This type of conversion should endow all the boons for the introvert sAdhaka. 

Krishnarao Lanka


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