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Mon Nov 7 03:31:46 CST 2005

Dear S.K.Bhattacharjya and other list members,

> Probably Yogavasishtha will serve your purpose. the
> original book had 32,000 vereses. My own copy has
> about 30,000  Sanskrit verses along with translation
> to Hindi. Please see if you can get hold of a copy of
> the same and manage to have time to go through that. 

I am very interested about Yoga Vasishta book! Unfortunately there have 
no available scripture books in my country in Finland, therefore I have 
to dry to ask about bookshops in other countries. Would you give some 
bookshop address from where I would purchase this books. I wanted to get 
just most wide version as available. I have read short verse which I 
purchased from Ramanasramam when I visited there. When I read it I felt 
I want to read more. I am also interested about other advaita-vedanta 
books and veda-books other hindu-scriptures. So if I would get address 
of bookshops.

with regards



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