[Advaita-l] Re: Advaita-l Digest, Vol 31, Issue 6

Manjunath Joshi Manjunath.Joshi at unibas.ch
Tue Nov 8 05:22:38 CST 2005

I am Manjunath B Joshi from Gulbarga, Karnataka. Now I am doing PhD in 
Basel University, Switzerland. I am member of Advita mailing list and I 
enjoy discussion very much.  I am very much intrested in learning 
sanskrit. Is there any online or corresponding courses which offers 
sanskrit for beginners? Since I come from orthodox brahmin family I was 
taught many shlokas which I chant daily after Sandhyavandanam. I can 
chant Purusha Sukta, Shri Sukta, Rudra, Vishnu Sahasra naama etc, 
unfortunately I just chant mechanically without knowing essence as I do 
not understand sanskrit. I would be glad if somebody guide me.

With best regards
Manjunath B Joshi

PhD student,
Cardiovascular Signaling Lab,
University Hospital,
4056 Basel.

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