[Advaita-l] New member introduction: Prasad Reddy

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Tue Nov 8 10:50:45 CST 2005

Respected Bhakta BAndhavAs,

My humble praNAmams to each and everyone of you.

I recently became a SiSya in a great guru paramparA, who are all none
others but the only existing Lord Paramashiva himself sporting and
extending his hand towards me in unbounded compassion. Can I be viewed as
ShivPutra? can be. and have to be!.

There it goes. I came to know your site indirectly from my Guru.In fact,
my guru is sarva kAraNabhUta SaktiH. So trying to subscribe/confluence my
stream of learning to the awestruck stream of the eternal knowledge -
"Aham BrahmAsmi", that being flowing in your group fluently.

This body that is composing this mail, wells near the city of Philadelphia
(city of brotherly affection)- the very first capital of the independent
U.S . It earlier dwelt for about 6 years at Kurnool (historically,
kandavolu/ kanDe noolu) the first capital of Andhra Pradesh, India. And I
am sishya of the Pratham Purush, the Lord Parama Shiva, taking dIkshA on
the First Lady - AdiShakti. Who else can give better knowledge about her?
The Father giving dIxA on the Mother to their Son.Wonderful! Isn't it?.

My mind is still a monkey though, and roams around all the time.

This is my present paricayam.

Om SrIguruparabrahmaNE namaH.


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