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Namaste Sri Amuthan: 
There are a few instances in this message where
duryodhana is mentioned as the narrator instead of
Sanjaya, and droNa is mentioned as the listener
instead of dhritarAshtra.(??)

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> namo nArAyaNAya!
> setting the scene
> *****************
> the pANDava-s, after completing twelve years of
> vanavAsa and one year of aj~nAtavAsa, were denied
> their due share of the kingdom by duryodhana and
> others, on the flimsy grounds that their aj~nAtavAsa
> was incomplete by one day. on the pANDava-s' behalf,
> kR^iShNa went as an ambassador to settle the issue.
> after the sAma, dAna and bheda nIti-s failed to
> produce any appreciable results [1], kR^iShNa
> decided
> that daNDa nIti, i.e. war, was the only option left.
> so, both sides started preparing themselves for the
> great battle. the fateful [2] day arrived and the
> two
> armies stood facing each other, ready for the war.
> prathamo'dhyAyaH (arjuna viShAda yoga)
> **************************************  
> dhR^itarAShTra, who was blind in every way [3],
> eager
> to know the developments of the battle, enquired
> sa~njaya as follows, [4]
> dhR^itarAShTra uvAcha -
> dharmakShetre kurukShetre samvetA yuyutsvaH.
> mAmakAH pANDavAshchaiva kimakurvata sa~njaya..1.1
> by the word 'dharmakShetre', dhR^itarAShTra
> expresses
> his anxiety for the kaurava-s' welfare since
> kurukShetra was well known as a place where dharma
> flourishes [5] and since he clearly knew that there
> was only adharma on the kaurava-s' part. his use of
> the terms 'mAmakAH' (mine) and pANDavAH ('them')
> clearly show his partiality to the kaurava-s [6]. as
> if to crush any hope that dhR^itarAShTra had for the
> victory of his sons, sa~njaya begins to describe the
> tense situation at kurukShetra,
> sa~njaya uvAcha -
> dR^iShTvA tu pANDavAnIkaM vyUDhaM duryodhanastadA.
> AchAryamupasa~ngamya rAjA vachanamabravIt..1.2 
> pashyaitAM pANDuputrANAmAchArya mahatIM chamUm.
> vyUDhAM drupadaputreNa tava shiShyena dhImatA..1.3
> here, duryodhana 

-- here is the first instance

>mentions that the pANDava army is
> led
> by dR^iShTadyumna, the son of drupada. he mentions
> the
> name drupadaputra instead of dR^iShTadyumna in order
> to arouse anger in droNa's mind by reminding droNa
> of
> his enmity with drupada. in fact, dR^iShTadyumna was
> born for the sole purpose of killing droNa. here,
> 'pashya', 'see' is also used to arouse anger in
> droNa
> by reminding him that his very own students (the
> pANDava-s) have arrayed in battle to fight against
> him. or, the construction may be
> 'pANDuputrANAmAchArya', 'the teacher of the
> pANDava-s'. the meaning is: 'alas, my army is headed
> by you, who was foolish enough to teach the science
> of
> warfare to dR^iShTadyumna knowing fully well that he
> was born to kill you. their army is led by the
> intelligent son of drupada, who learnt everything
> from
> you with a view of killing you. so 'pashya', 'see'
> this army of the pANDava-s, for you alone would
> delight in that and not we.' thus, duryodhana
> indirectly shows his suspicion and hatred for his
> teacher [7]. 
> next, duryodhana proceeds to mention the main
> warriors
> in the pANDava army, 

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