[Advaita-l] Vakyapadiya 3.3.72, does it refer to Advaita?

Rishi Lamichhane rishi.lamichhane at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 14:50:42 CST 2005

Dear all,

I was glancing a book which, among other things, talked of the early
history of Advaita. A verse was quoted in translation from the
Vakyapadiya. I don't have the exact English translation but to
paraphrase, it said that Vedantins hold that subject, object and
cognition are imagined, only the substratum is real. This is clearly a
characteristically Advaita (not in the Shabda-Advaita sense) position
if the translation is correct. I tracked down the verse and from an
online version of the VP find the following Sanskrit, I also pasted
the preceeding two verses since they seem important (especially 71,
which seems to refer to the main claim):

ātmatattvaṃ tu parataḥ svato vā nopakalpate // BVaky_3,3.70 //
tattve virodho nānātva upakāro na kaś cana /

tattvānyatvaparityāge vyavahāro nivartate // BVaky_3,3.71 //
yatra draṣṭā ca dṛśyaṃ ca darśanaṃ cāvikalpitam /

tasyaivārthasya satyatvaṃ śritās trayyantavedinaḥ // BVaky_3,3.72 //
sāmānyaṃ vā viśeṣaṃ vā yasmād āhur viśeṣavat /

I do not know Sanskrit, so I cannot translate it. Can someone
confirm/reject the translation given?

Thank you,


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