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Amuthan Arunkumar R aparyap at yahoo.co.in
Sun Nov 13 19:14:51 CST 2005

namo nArAyaNAya,

dear shrI yadu moharir,

--- shrI Yadu Moharir wrote:
> Can some help me understand the word vairaagya?

i was a bit surprised to hear this question from you.
anyway, just for information sake (- i'm quite sure u
know all these), vairAgya means dispassion for all
forms of pleasures. at a more fundamental level,
vairAgya is the abandoning of the notions of 'i' and
'mine'. even more fundamentally, it is pushing aside
all dR^iShya and remaining as the dR^ik (AtmA).  

--- shrI Yadu Moharir wrote:
> Here we seem to be talking about dependent
> vairaagya? Where the primary force for this is
> "sorrow, sadness" etc. and not really the knowledge
> or realization.
> In my view such impulsive vairaagya needs to be
> avoided and could that be the message !?

the presence of sorrow motivates one to develop
vairAgya to be established in dharma and dedicate his
actions to Ishvara so that in due course of time, this
vairAgya matures and leads to naiShkarmya siddhi. 

actually, such impulsive vairAgya need not always be
avoided. it should be strengthened by channeling it in
the right direction, say by approaching a guru etc. it
is nevertheless true that nothing substantial can be
achieved by such fleeting vairAgya, if not

the most important message of the first adhyAya is
that the untrained mind is fickle and so, it is highly
vulnerable to adopt adharma in the garb of dharma. 

vAsudevaH sarvaM,

Amuthan Arunkumar R,
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