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Ram Chandran rchandran at cox.net
Thu Nov 17 09:27:50 CST 2005

Namaste Yaduji:

The meaning of this simple looking complex word, vairaagya may depend on the context of its usage. Sri Arunkumar has already provided an explanation that was quite appropriate and legitimate. Here are some additional thoughts based on my understanding. 

I agree with you that one should avoid ‘impulsive vairaagya’ while experiencing fear, sorrow and stress. However in the context of the war, it is very important for Arjuna to get over the ‘sorrow of killing his relatives, teachers and friends’ to engage.  The message here is very subtle! Arjuna (symbolical representation of human intellect) desperately seeks the help and guidance of Lord Krishna (symbolic representation of Atman) to get rid of the illusionary fear, sorrow and stress. By seeking the help of his dearest friend, the lord of the universe, Arjuna spills the seed of vairaagya in his heart. As Sri Arunkumar pointed out, the seed of vairaagya needs to be germinated and developed with proper care and attention. It should be also pointed out that proper germination and growth of the seed of vairaagya can only take place if and only if the heart is appropriately cultivated. But the seed of vairaagya is the only means for a spiritual seeker to attain the  stable mind. This may explain why a major part of the chapter 2 describes in greater details on the relevance of attaining the Stable Mind through verses 54 to 72. 

Yaduji, your doubt regarding the ‘impulsive vairaagya’ is relevant in the context of a ‘samsari’ with an uncultivated barren heart! A seed of vairaagya planted on a barren uncultivated heart is a waste and will not yield the desired result.  Gitacharya stresses the importance on the readiness of the seeker to hear, accept and practice the spiritual message and points out in numerous occasions that Arjuna is in fact ready!  

I agree with Sri Arunkumar’s contention that most of us are not yet ready for seeding the ‘vairaagya’ in our heart and may be if we continue our Sadhana, we might become eligible sooner or later.

Warmest regards,

Harih Om! 

Ram Chandran

--- shrI Yadu Moharir wrote:
> Here we seem to be talking about dependent
> vairaagya? Where the primary force for this is
> "sorrow, sadness" etc. and not really the knowledge
> or realization.
> In my view such impulsive vairaagya needs to be
> avoided and could that be the message !?

Amuthan Arunkumar R <aparyap at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
  namo nArAyaNAya,

the presence of sorrow motivates one to develop
vairAgya to be established in dharma and dedicate his
actions to Ishvara so that in due course of time, this
vairAgya matures and leads to naiShkarmya siddhi. 

actually, such impulsive vairAgya need not always be
avoided. it should be strengthened by channeling it in
the right direction, say by approaching a guru etc. it
is nevertheless true that nothing substantial can be
achieved by such fleeting vairAgya, if not


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