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> namo nArAyaNAya!    


>   to arjuna, who was filled with grief while being stationed between
> the  two armies, kR^iShNa spoke the following words, as if mocking.
> 2.10
>   here, 'as if mocking' can be understood in many ways: 1. kR^iShNa 
> always has a mandahAsa on his face and sa~njaya refers to this, or 2.
>  kR^iShNa is mocking arjuna to point out that he had surrendered to
> Him  first and then, without hearing anything from Him, decided not
> to  fight, or 3. kR^iShNa is smiling at the fact that he got an
> opportunity  to expound the essence of all vedAnta in the form of the
> gItA  etc.  bhakta-s can interpret it in any particular way that
> suits  them. 

One more (better) interpretation I've heard:

The English word "mocking" is not a good translation (rather, a very
poor translation) of Sanskrit "prahasan". The latter is NOT a derisive
smile, while the former usually is.

Krishna is smiling at Arjuna in the same way that a father smiles at
his child crying due to an insignificant problem (like the child's toy
not working at the moment). The father knows it's a trivial problem
that can easily be fixed and does not require tears. His smile
therefore is at the child's innocence/ignorance, but without any
derision associated with it.

Krishna's smile is that of one who is in complete control of the
situation, and smiles at Arjuna for thinking otherwise and giving way
to grief.


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