[Advaita-l] Science and Vedantha

sriram srirudra at vsnl.com
Thu Nov 10 18:39:07 CST 2005

Dear Members
SriMahesh Ursekar has asked whether vedantha can explain why are the laws of physics as they are.Simple.The laws of physics are Brahman made.These laws were there already.We have only labelled them.In the Thithriopanishath it is said -For fear of Brahman the wind blows and the sun shines.The exact word used is bheetha which is loosely indicated in English as fear.Graham Bell should have used the principle nethi nethi before arriving at the crudeform of telephone which is basically same except for outward shapes and added functions.Philosophy or Vedantha can be rightly called the father of all sciences.Vedantha uses fine tuned logic based on reasoning faculty always guided by Faith which is not blind.Assumptions are made based on faith and by process of elimination falsecovers are removed/discardedand Truth gets illuminated.It will be quite interesting how the logic is developed to arrive at truth in Vedantha by imaginatively raising objections by purvapakshis and answering them to satisfaction and proceeding further in the build up of the idea on hand.Because it deals with subjective matters no visualisation is possible it is sometimes called dry.But the truth is it sharpens thinking faculty and confirms that the searcher is in the right path.What else is required ?

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