[Advaita-l] Science and Brahman: Vedas

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 22 05:52:46 CST 2005


1. a - u - m represent the three states of
   consciousness - waking, dream and sleep.
   (among other triplets)

2. Science is typically concerned with explaining
   phenomenon within the domain of "a". Phenomenon
   in the domain of "u" and "m" are typically 
   considered abstractions of phenomenon in the
   "a" space.

3. Vedas on the otherhand take a fundamentally 
   different standpoint:
   a. Ture, it is important to study phenomenon
   within each of the spaces: "a", "u", and "m".
   b. More important is to study, and understand 
   how the phenomenon in each of these spaces are
   (i) related, and (ii) influence each other.

   Note: The influence is to be studied in both 
   "a" -> "u" -> "m"   (this is easier to see)
   and "m" -> "u" -> "a" (not that easy to see).

Just another way of expressing what has already been
expressed earlier.


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